All The ‘Mario’ News From Mar10 Day

'Super Mario 3D World' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

'Super Mario 3D World' (Image courtesy of Nintendo)

How many video game characters get their own day? Mario is the only one I know. He’s a 43-year-old plumber so famous that March 10 became Mar10 Day.

Since then, big announcements from Nintendo can always be expected. This year, it seems appropriate as much of the Mar10 Day news is about Mario anyway – visits to his younger years are on the way.

Gameboy and Gameboy Color games like Dr. Mario, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis have arrived on Switch Online. Remakes are soon to follow with Luigi’s Mansion 2 set to release on May 23. Next up is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, releasing on June 27.

LEGO has also announced another collaboration with Nintendo for 2025. Not much is known about the sets they are planning on releasing. However, we do know that Bowser Train sets, Peach Castle, King Boo Haunted Mansion and Mario Kart sets can certainly be expected.

Finally, in the fresh timeline is the expected release of a new Super Mario Bros movie in April 2026. Information released about these projects has been kept minimal and fans are in the dark. Speculation has arisen that these moves are to accommodate for Nintendo’s next console.

However, it also seems to be a smart move on Nintendo’s part since past attempts at revamping old titles proved quite successful.

Mini Super Nintendo sales have skyrocketed and current prices of a Nintendo 64 are quite high for such an old console. Perhaps Nintendo has simply decided to give the people what they want: More of Mario.

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