Grandia Collection Is Coming To Playstation & Xbox

Grandia Remastered Collection (Image: GungHo Online Entertainment America)

Grandia Remastered Collection (Image: GungHo Online Entertainment America)

Entertainment companies everywhere are releasing redos of old content. Older studios with retro games have developed cult-like followings. The Grandia Collection has already joined the ranks of remastered releases. Now, it’ll be available on every modern console. The Grandia Remastered Collection contains the first and second games and was originally released to Switch online in 2019. Later, the game was added to the Steam store for PC.

This remaster is said to bring a modern experience to the 22-year-old game. Improvements to things like the UI, in-game textures and screen compatibility have been made.

After a five-year wait, finally, a release has been announced for current Playstation and Xbox consoles. Users of five consoles need only wait a couple more weeks until March 26. On that day, the title will be available for $34.99. Fans shouldn’t expect anything new for that price. GungHo Online Entertainment America has been remastering and relaunching games for some time.

Those games often come with some new edition or perhaps some additional content. The Grandia HD collection has none of that. Perhaps this is because Grandia was considered very advanced for its time.  With personalization mechanics available for the characters, remastering was quite an undertaking. The games themselves have also generated interest for several years.

Soon, Grandia will be available on all popular consoles in stores and people’s homes, a feat that has not been seen for well over a decade. Grandia fans playing on a Playstation or Xbox console are excited.

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