Amazon Studios’ ‘Crucible’ Succeeds In Combining MOBA & Traditional Shooter Genres

Amazon Studios' 'Crucible' (Image courtesy of Amazon Studios)

Amazon Studios' 'Crucible' (Image courtesy of Amazon Studios)

Amazon Studios’ new shooter game Crucible is the company’s attempt at combining both a shooter and a MOBA type game that surprisingly succeeds. Games like Paragon have tried to do similar things but were unable to find similar success to that of Crucible

Crucible succeeds in doing this, by combining the typically neutral enemy units, as well as the objective focus one can find in MOBAs, while also having fast-action teamfights which resemble that of traditional shooting games. 

The main mode in Crucible is the four v. four Heart of the Hives. In this mode, players will have to take down hives and capture their heart. If players capture three hearts, they win the game. The one caveat is that players will have to fend off wasps that try to protect the hives, as well as other hunters who are trying to accomplish the same goal. Players will be forced to constantly react and adapt to the situation around them to ultimately come out victorious.

Overall, it appears that Crucible is to be part of the next wave of competitive shooter games in the future and players should be excited for what is to come next.

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