Animal Crossing’s New Patch Adds First Person Camera

'Animal Crossings: New Horizons' (Image: Nintendo)

'Animal Crossings: New Horizons' (Image: Nintendo)

On October’s Nintendo’s Direct, focused on the new Animal Crossing update, it was mentioned that the incoming massive update would introduce a new point of view.

Announced as the Pro Camera upgrade, which you can pick up at the Nook Miles machine in the Town Center, adds a few new options to your phone’s Camera app. Most notably, it lets you zip down to a first-person perspective, through the handheld mode.

However, the Animal Crossing Pro Camera really excels when you realize you can move around. While it’s a little limited in some ways, being able to move through your island in first-person is a game-changer, in a way that only visuals can really get across. One interesting thing players can do with this new update is visit the museum and experience first-hand the museum as if you were inside. Players will be able to admire pieces from the museum collection more closely with the first-person mode of view.

What’s cool here though is that it can go beyond mere novelty. Fans have discovered that you can use the camera to take a closer look at things like Redd’s art wares, allowing you to bypass that entire conversation you typically go through.

Everything has changed with this update. Even forced-perspective islands, a popular aesthetic among the more creative Animal Crossing players, have become even cooler with a new outlook on island life. And the tripod option adds even more usefulness, as it’s so much easier now to take group shots and selfies, or even set up some really bizarre angles. From island entrances to brand-new angles for appreciating art, the addition of Pro Camera to Animal Crossing has really opened up new ways of looking at my island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ver. 2.0 and the Happy Home Paradise DLC are live now. Here is the trailer for the free update:

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