New Multiplayer Map Revealed For ‘Halo Infinite’

Halo Infinite Logo (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Halo Infinite Logo (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Ever since Microsoft Studios released the trailer for their new installment of the Halo series, Halo: Infinite, fans have been waiting for new details about the game.

Microsoft has been releasing trailers constantly; however, they have not offered up information regarding the multiplayer and what maps will be included in the release, apart from the ones shown in trailers. This week, Microsoft released multiple trailers that will answer fans’ questions regarding multiplayer and revealing “Streets” as the name of the multiplayer map that will be on release.

Streets is a small, asymmetrical battleground set in New Mombasa at night. This immediately sets it apart, visually speaking, from the other Halo Infinite multiplayer maps we’ve seen thus far.

It’s got numerous subtle artistic touches, such as the “Holodog” advertisement, the retro-style Halo Infinite arcade cabinet that plays a MIDI version of the Halo theme, the skyline you can see in the background from certain vantage points on the map, and the glass railings that you can just smash right through.

During an interview with the 343 multiplayer team, they were asked about whether or not it should be expected that there will be any remakes of classic maps, as has become Halo tradition. “That question is something we actively talk about quite a bit,” said lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts. “I think that what we’ve done with Fragmentation is something we want; we want things to feel new, but we want things to be a bit reminiscent without giving you the exact same layout or the same layout with slight differences because we’re a different game with different needs.”

“There are some maps that have been coming out in almost every single iteration of Halo. So I wouldn’t say we would never do a remake, but again, we’re doing a spiritual reboot, so we look at how we kind of put our own twist on it, but still make it feel like a little bit of a nostalgia trip when you kind of run through them,” lead multiplayer level designer Cayle George added. “We’ve tried the one-to-one ports. They don’t work well.”

There is still so much more Halo Infinite news still awaiting, including a look at what awaits in Season 1 of the Battle Pass. Halo Infinite will be released on December 8.

Here is the trailer for the map “Streets”:

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