‘Apex Legends’ Hacked Again By A Familiar Name

'Apex Legends: Saviors' (Image: EA)

'Apex Legends: Saviors' (Image: EA)

Apex Legends was hacked again by a pair of hackers known as Destroyer2009 and R4ndom. Almost like something out of the TV show Mythic Quest, the pair was responsible for the postponement of the Apex Legends Global Tournament.

Destroyer2009 has a history of hacking the company.  

Now, Destroyer2009 and their new friend, R4ndom, have successfully hacked the global tournament.

Midway through the North American Tournament, a message appeared on the screen reading “Apex hacking global series, by Destroyer2009 & R4andom.”

Two players were affected and one of those names will sound familiar. Destroyer2009 has taken a special interest in ImperialHal.  

Genburten was the other affected player in the tournament. ImperialHal threw up his hands in the video to show that he was no longer in control.

The hacker can also be heard threatening ImperialHal with corrupting his computer and stealing his identity. There were also some childish insults by the end of this. Meanwhile, Destroyer2009 came forward, stating that they did this “just for fun.”

However, the hackers’ actions and other statements contradict this entirely. 

As if to cause more confusion, they went on to mention how they hoped to force the developer Respawn to patch the security risk. Destroyer2009 said that since there is no compensation for reporting the issue, they do not intend to do so. However, the hacker reassures players that developers know how to fix the issue. They also want fans to know that, though they can’t say more, the hack existed only within the game.

Players found this reassurance hollow.

Connor Ford, a member of Apex Legends’ security team, posted on Twitter that the team was working hard to resolve the problem.

While the cause of the attacks hasn’t officially been released, announcements were made that the first of a series of patches were being released to fix the bug. They say they are working to ensure security but that they are certain there isn’t any RCE vulnerability.

Apex Legends promises to have more information during finals.

Meanwhile, players have their own feelings about the situation. While they want it resolved, they also think that it’s funny. Maybe Destroyer2009 wasn’t lying when he said he’d targeted these players to give them publicity.  


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