Sequel To ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Is Full Of Tricks From Developers – Which Has Polarized Players

'Dragon's Dogma' (Image: Capcom)

'Dragon's Dogma' (Image: Capcom)

On March 22, Capcom released a new entry into the Dragon’s Dogma series about 14 years after the first game’s release in 2012.

With generally positive reviews, the sequel has come up in many discussions online due to the game’s intentionally difficult gameplay as well as some hidden mechanics that can extremely impede the player’s progress in the story.

A few examples of the game purposely messing with players would be some aerial enemies may abandon the battle in mid-flight which can strand players,  masking the elven language from players until they have a party member that speaks their language, as well as a hidden mechanic that can cause a “Dragonsplague” infected NPC to slaughter an entire village after you sleep with them at an inn.

Many players have found themselves enjoying these sneaky additions to the game with some still feeling that the developers should have focused on making the game more accessible over “antagonizing players.” There have also been criticisms about the game’s story and gameplay being very repetitive, with some critics stating that the game is too similar to its predecessor.

However, some players believe the similarities to be by design as there is nowhere in the game’s title sequence or credits that it mentions that it is the second of the franchise.

In an interview with Siliconera, the game’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, commented that the new game was not planned to include “many things that feel completely different or new,” commenting his team focused on improving the established ideas from the first game.  This has led some observers to believe that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is less of a sequel and more of a remaster.

The single-player title is available on computers through Windows and on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X for console.

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