Apex Legends’ Halloween Event, ‘Fight Or Fright,’ Starts Today

Apex Legends' Halloween Event, 'Fight Or Fright,' Starts Today

Apex Legends' Halloween Event, 'Fight Or Fright,' Starts Today

A new trailer for Fight or Fright, Apex Legends’ first Season 3 limited-time event, has been released. It brings players back temporarily to Kings’ Canyon to battle it out in a brand-new mode and earn an assortment of Halloween-themed skins. There also seems to be a few hints about the newest character to be added to the game.

The trailer starts with Wraith and Pathfinder being shot at in Kings Canyon. Seeing a portal, Pathfinder goes for it before Wraith can tell him that the portal he jumps into isn’t hers. This portal transports Pathfinder into a radically different Kings Canyon than seen before. It’s overseen by a shadow-like entity as the scenery is more akin to a nightmare. Path teams up with the Halloween versions of his fellow Legends to escape, their foes being living shadows that are relentless in their hunt. The trailer ends with Pathfinder finding his way back to the portal and returning to the normal Kings Canyon.

Pathfinder found himself in the new Fight or Fright mode, titled Shadowfall, available for a limited time. This is a solo mode that takes place in the nightmarish Kings Canyon. If you die, your deathbox will spawn killer spiders and you drop onto the map one more time as a member of the Shadow Squad. These beings have enhanced speed ad melee damage. Your goal is to survive until there are only ten players left and work together to flee to the dropship. This means you can still win if you die early by killing all the survivors before they can escape as a Shadow Squad member.


The event has Halloween themed items that can be unlocked, most being skins that give the characters fitting costumes, such as a scarecrow outfit for Bloodhound.

Fight or Fright will be playable from October 15 to November 15.


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