April Fool’s Rumors For The Potential 2024 Release Of ‘Hollow Knight: Silk Song’ Might Actually Be True

'Hollow Knight: Silksong' (Image: Bethesda)

'Hollow Knight: Silksong' (Image: Bethesda)

Throughout its five-year development, fans anticipating Team Cherry’s upcoming Hollow Knight sequel, Silksong, have been teasing each other with memes regarding the game’s unknown release date. One of these supposed “jokes” came from a user named Eroke on the gaming forum site ResetEra, who posted a screenshot of the title receiving a rating of “12+” from the Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) of South Korea.

However, this may be less of a joke than what fans had thought.

On April 1, a product marketing manager for Xbox, Tao Sila, posted on X that the wishlist page for Silksong was now on the Xbox Games Store. Fans, although cautious due to the date of this announcement coinciding with April Fool’s Day, had clicked the manager’s link to find that the page was active with screenshots from the upcoming game, causing massive fanfare on social media.

After first being announced in 2019, with a trailer released during an Xbox and Bethesda showcase in 2022, the game has been followed with speculation and hype from fans of the original 2017 indie title. Although initially planned to be DLC for the main game, it has expanded into being a title of its own, which has led to delays in the game.

With the Xbox page officially live, fans are speculating that Eroke’s forum post could be legitimate. Many cite that most of the time, a game receives its ratings worldwide six months before release. This would mean that the game is “content complete” but not ready yet for release, as if the game had received a rating, all of the content that will be in the game would be in a state to be reviewed.

However, looking for Hollow Knight: Silksong on GRAC’s official website will result in a statement telling users that “nothing has been found” regarding the title’s rating. Fans will continue to debate whether they removed the listing or whether the original forum post was another hoax.

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