‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ Gameplay Trailer Drops, Here’s What We Know

'Hollow Knight: Silksong' (Image: Bethesda)

'Hollow Knight: Silksong' (Image: Bethesda)

The Xbox and Bethesda Showcase has been a smorgasbord of news for different studios and games that are to be released in the near future, and Microsoft is continuing to spew out content. This time they released the gameplay trailer for the highly-anticipated Hollow Knight sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong. Team Cherry and the developers put out the trailer detailing new features, movements and a beautiful game setting for the upcoming game. This is the first news regarding Silksong in years, the last time being at E3 in 2019! Fans of the series had been long awaiting news of the game, and they were extremely disappointed when the marketing coordinator for the game, David Griffin, said in 2021 that there would be no news surrounding the game’s development at E3 that year.

That all changed with the release of an even more polished gameplay trailer which hints at an imminent release. Here’s what the new trailer added that may make fans of the original Hollow Knight excited.


The newest game seems to be even faster than its predecessor, with your character being more agile, combat flowing nicely, and little details such as interactive environments and dynamic lighting allowing for the game to feel a lot more lively.


One of the most intriguing changes comes in the 2D background of the game. Not a single pixel is wasted. Every inch of the background tells a story. Whether it be characters that we can’t interact with or husks of fallen heroes in the background, the map is captivating at every glance. The “spotlight” almost Ken Burns-type effect on the player, while they move around, is nothing short of amazing as the lighting lets the player see even more incredible details within the game.


Other than combat being faster and more streamlined, players will also notice a variety of combo moves that have been added that can deal damage in multiple ways. In one clip from the trailer, two enemies are seen flying towards the character, but a mid-air special move that harms both enemies at different locations. Moves like this also show the expansion of the combat system outside of button mashing and chaos. It seems as if combat will be more strategic and timing will be a big factor in the high-paced fights.

As of now, a release date has not been set, however, Xbox announced prior to the showcase that everything shown during the event will be playable within 12 months, and when a Twitter user prompted the question, “So you’re telling me Silksong is out within the next 12 months.” Xbox replied with, “That’s exactly what we said.”



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