Archetype Entertainment’s Founders On ‘Time Dilation’ In Their New Game ‘Exodus’

'Exodus' (Image: Archetype Entertainment)

'Exodus' (Image: Archetype Entertainment)

Archetype Entertainment is working on a new sci-fi RPG game, Exodus, which features voice work from Matthew McConaughey.

Archetype was started by Chris King of Volition, Chad Robertson of Electronic Arts and Bioware and James Ohlen of Bioware, and has over 30 games to its credit.

Exodus has emphasized role-playing. Every choice has an impact on the story.

“Just having the freedom to build the game that you want to build. That is, that’s awesome. That’s what everyone wants when they get into the game industry,” Ohlen said in a Founders Q&A series.

The founders are most excited about the effect time dilation has on the choices players make. Time dilation has to do with the experience of time compared between two observers in differing levels of motion. The main character of the game experiences extreme motion compared to those on their home planet.

The role-play of Exodus will be extensive.

Archetype took inspiration from sci-fi cultural giants, including Interstellar, Dune, Star Wars and IPs they’ve worked on in the past.

“Everything from the Horizon: Zero Dawn series to Tomb Raiders up to …  Last Of Us,” Ohlen said. “The quality bar that each of those brings to their different facets of the game, are things we look at and hope we can bring into the experience that players will love with Exodus.

Players are looking forward to traveling the Omega Centauri expanse in Exodus, traveling where no human has ever been while enhancing their home planet in the centuries to come.

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