‘Battlefield V’s’ Summer Update Is Available Now

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Battlefield V’s summer update is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which should have players excited as it is expected to be the biggest update yet. The game’s developer, DICE, has released some of the details regarding the update, and uGames has those for you.

First thing though, DICE has come out and said that they will not be doing a major social media promotion for the update as they normally would, citing the recent protests. In a blog post, DICE explained further, saying that they did not want to take away from the greater issues facing America at this time. “We’re otherwise encouraging that we all take notice of what’s happening in the United States, as well as other places around the world, and ask how we can all do more, as we must do more,” the said in a statement. “Racism should not exist in our society. We stand with all of our African-American/Black colleagues and partners, families and friends, and everyone around the world who is ready to see it end.”

The summer update for Battlefield V came out on June 4, and there are a lot of new changes and additions for players to use in the game. Here are some of the highlights:

  • There are six new vehicles in the game, including an A-20 bomber, a M8 Greyhound and a P-70 Night Fighter. There are patch updates to vehicle gameplay which include smoke screen spots from tanks and airplanes actually blocking spots and player tags and 500lb bombs from airplanes will do less damage.  
  • There are numerous new weapons, gadgets and grenades for players to have at their disposal. 
  • There will also be 14 new U.S. faction soldiers and 2 new Japan faction soldiers. 
  • Players can now play on two new maps. 

If you want to see all of the updates, click here for the patch notes from Electronic Arts.

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