‘Sims 4’ Big Patch Update Features Fun Glitches Like Bathroom Fires

Sims 4

Sims 4

Right before releasing a new “Eco Lifestyle” expansion pack, Sims 4 launched a big free patch update this week, that includes significant new elements including ladders, ‘no trespassing’ signs to prevent vampires from entering one’s property, firefighters and a partnership with MAC cosmetics. The gamers, however, reported multiple glitches that went viral on social media.

One of the rather amusing errors in the game feature sims catching fire while using the bathroom. Users on Reddit posted in-game pictures, commenting on the error.

As the patch introduced firefighter NPCs into the game, the Sims community joked that the extraordinary toilet incidents can now be solved by professional help. Ironically, this part of the update also featured bugs and glitches, with the “simmers” on Reddit posting the firefighters dancing at the fire scene, completely ignoring the flames.

Another viral bug is the ladder glitch, that happens when multiple sims get stuck in the ladder when attempt using it.

There are other errors, that are more significant than the toilet or ladder bugs. Some gamers report errors while saving the game, others say the in-game menu freezes. In addition, mods and custom content become a source of technical errors, as it often happens with the new updates. When each new patch update comes out, modders advise gamers to remove custom content from the game and back up recent saves in a separate folder, until developers update their mods to organically fit in the new patch.

The Sims 4 support team member tweeted they are working to fix the issues with the corrupted saves.



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