Breaking Down Some Of The Treasure Locations In ‘Uncharted 3’ [Tips & Hacks]

Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3 has taken the world by storm, but is also one of the more challenging games due to its lack of a map. Here are the treasure locations for the first five chapters of the game:

Chapter 1:

There are two treasures for players to find in chapter one. The first can be found at the corner of the bar’s main room in the arcade cabinet. The second can be found behind the bar in the brass vesta case.

Chapter 2: 

In chapter two, there are seven treasures. The first is inside the museum in the barrel of the third canon on your right. The second can be found when you reach the bust of the museum’s founder in the alcove to the right of the bust. The third can be found on your way to young Sully to the right of a blue truck. The fourth can be found on a table of jars on your right after you steal fruit and follow young Sully. The fifth is prior to entering the butcher shop with Sully along some stairs on your left. The sixth is after you steal Sully’s wallet, you swing from a pipe from a balcony, and it can be found against a plant on the far end of the balcony. The final one can be found in the “O” of the hotel sign.

Chapter 3:

In this chapter, there are three treasures to find. The first can be found while you sneak into the museum, before going into the open window on the roof, look to your right and you will see a balcony with a ladder, go there. The second is inside the museum, and it is being held by the diving suit. The final one can be found prior to claiming your ring, there is a throttle looking thing in the back left corner, it can be found there.

Chapter 4: 

In chapter four, there are six treasures. The first is after you squeeze down a narrow alley, on your right after you hop over a pipe, there is the treasure. The second one is once you climb into the warehouse, climb around the platform and the treasure will be at the end. The third is after you drop to the main floor in the large pile of boxes in the corner. The fourth is when you first run into bad guys toward the right side of the room. The fifth is after you fight the bad guys you enter a large cylindrical room, prior to climbing up, look down. The final one is while you descend down the pipes, it is under a grate.

Chapter 5:

There are four treasures in this chapter. The first can’t be found until after you enter Marlowe’s treasure room. Once you take care of the guards, climb up the painting next to the lion and elephant heads and the treasure can be found on the sconce above the painting. The second treasure can be found after the shootout that takes place from once you grab T.E. Lawrence’s journal. Before you head back to the train station, go to the second floor and under the display case on the far side of the room, you can find your treasure. The third will be in the train station, once you take care of the bad guys, look to the left on the ledge by the clock. You will see a silver pocket watch which is the treasure you want. You can get it by shooting it down. The final treasure for this chapter will be in the modern train station and after yet another shootout, on the first train you see will be your treasure.

There are a total of 22 chapters in Uncharted 3 so it will take a while to find all of the treasures, but it is a very awesome felling once you get them all. 

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