Chuck E. Cheese Flies For Bankruptcy Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese

The coronavirus pandemic has forced numerous businesses to suffer financially due to a loss in revenue and lack of customers. Chuck E. Cheese is another firm that can be added to the list of companies which have filed to bankruptcy due to the pandemic. 

Although 266 Chuck E. Cheese locations have opened back following the pandemic, the pizza parlor chain was already dealing with financial issues as the popularity of similar places like Dave and Buster’s has risen. 

During the pandemic, the company has allowed people to order food to be delivered on various apps. What is odd, however, is the name on delivery services Chuck E. Cheese uses is Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings. Why they went down this route is unclear.

The chain will attempt to keep some of its locations open in the future. 

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