‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ Accidentally Reveals Lots Of Info About Future ‘Warzone’ Update

'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare' (Image: Activision)

'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare' (Image: Activision)

Call of Duty really should have muted their microphones over these last few days. As Season 2 of the game is only a few days away, publisher Sledgehammer Games decided it would be a great idea to insert new features into the game.

First, one Twitter going by the handle of @PrestigeIsKey, discovered the battle royale maps in an online glitch. If a player goes to the ‘Atlas Supetstore’ in a private match, and become the ‘COD Caster,’ they will be able to see a low-resolution section of the map. This area isn’t accessible or available to players fighting on the ground. Therefore, many players expect this to be the unreleased map.

Another leak was discovered by gamers immediately. In the game’s opening tutorial, players have been randomly added into the ‘Warfare’ server, which is the name of the battle royale map. One YouTube user posted a two-minute gameplay video of themselves running around in the map. In ‘Warfare,’ players start off in the popular COD map, Firing Range.

In addition to these two leaks, an audio leak was even revealed to gamers. The in-game character can be heard yelling “Locate more plunder,” and “Plunder can be used at Supply Stations to buy Killstreaks and other special items. Get to the Supply Station.” The supply station, which has not been confirmed by the game’s publisher, was seen in a screenshot too. The supply store, which can be found in game, will grant players access to various perks and bonuses. Objects like the gas mask, UAV, and armor plate bundle will be featured to players as they shop for items in the midst of battle.

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