Capcom Cup Overview: Fear The North American Street-Fighting Champion

Capcom Cup, a fighting game tournament during the PlayStation Experience on the Dec. 2 weekend, featured the best of the competitive Capcom fighters clashing for the grand prize of $120,000 (and unique DLC).

Let’s see who took a shot for the top and made it to the top 32 in Street Fighter V. Unsurprisingly is Daigo UmeharaJustin WongTokido and Infiltration, but perhaps more surprisingly is how none of them made it to Grand Finals. Ricki Ortiz faced off against Liquid NuckleDu, Chun Li, top of the tier list, vs R. Mika, ranked 9 on the tier list. Against all odds, R. Mika took down Chun it to win big.

Even though Infiltration is ranked best in the world globally by points, “NuckleDu” Dang is ranked 4th. More notably, however, is the fact that Dang is the first American to win Capcom Cup since its origins in 2013. Proving that America is, in actuality, “not free,” the 20-year-old Florida resident brings great pride to the NA fighting game community and $120,000 back to his home (after taxes, presumably). The meta will undoubtedly change after the release of Akuma and the patch notes that follow, but until then, it can be safely stated that the world should take note of and fear the up-and-coming, North American, street-fighting champion

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