‘Company Of Heroes 3’ Announced

Company of Heroes 3 (Sega)

Company of Heroes 3 (Sega)

Company of Heroes 3 was recently announced on July 13. An announcement trailer was posted to Youtube on the same day. The game will once again be developed by Relic Entertainment, while SEGA will act as publisher. The release date will be during the late stages of 2022.

The game will be set in Italy and North Africa during World War 2. The trailer portrays the allied forces as they attack an Italian village, while equal attention is given to a woman who assists the forces.

This announcement trailer is mostly cinematic, but additional details about the title have come to light. “Company of Heroes 3 is the largest game launch in franchise history,” reads the game’s website. The new IP will combine old, fan-favorite features with new ones to enhance gameplay.

Company of Heroes 3 will feature a Dynamic Campaign Map. This means that players will be able to see an overview of the whole war effort and make large-scale decisions using this tool. Players will also have an optional Full Tactical Pause that allows them to determine the speed at which the single-player mode moves.

The newly announced game will also feature the most factions of any Company of Heroes title at launch. Among these will be the American Canadian Special Service Forces and the Gurkha Forces. The vehicle roster will also be the largest and most diverse of the series. Players will be able to control German, UK and U.S. Soldiers while engaging in multiplayer battles.

The developers also emphasize the destructibility that is offered in-game. Each map will be fully destructible, according to the game’s steam page.

Players can sign up for a pre-alpha demo of the game right now.

This announcement is long overdue after the 2013 release of Company of Heroes 2, the game’s predecessor. Company of Heroes titles are some of the best-regarded real-time strategy games in video game history. The original title was notably awarded Game of the Year in 2006 by PC Gamer.

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