Concept Album Announced With ‘Death Stranding,’ Featuring Song By Chvrches

Death Stranding Logo

Death Stranding Logo ( Image: Sony)

Kojima Productions’ upcoming game Death Stranding has a concept album releasing by its side. One of the songs on the album, called “Death Stranding Timefall,” is available to listen to right now. The song is called “Death Stranding” by Scottish pop group Chvrches. According to Hideo Kojima, this song will appear as “the ending song of the game.”

Interestingly, Churches and Kojima have shown to be quite a tight knit group of buddies, as the band toured Kojima Productions headquarters earlier this year. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were digitally scanned to make a cameo appearance in the game as well.
When talking about the song Kojima tweeted just how impactful he felt the music was to him.

Death Stranding: Timefall will feature eight tracks of “original music from the world of Death Stranding.” Here is the full track listing

  1. Major Lazer and Khalid – “Trigger”
  2. Au/Ra and Alan Walker – “Ghost”
  3. Churches – “Death Stranding”
  4. The Neighbourhood – “Yellow Box”
  5. The SOP – “Meanwhile… In Genova”
  6. Bring Me The Horizon – “Ludens”
  7. Flora Cash – “Born In The Slumber”
  8. MISSIO – “Sing To Me”

Death Stranding: Timefall will be available on November 7, on digital stores including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play. The game Death Stranding will release on PS4 exclusively, on November 8

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