‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Finally Allows You To Play Online Multiplayer With Friends

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 (Nintendo)

In what’s been a long time coming, Super Mario Maker 2 finally lets you play online multiplayer with friends. While having the fun option to play in co-op or versus levels online in custom-built levels, the major issue was the fact that you could only play against random strangers. Nintendo knew how insane this sounded and before the release promised players could at some point play online with their friends. After silence on the topic for months, Nintendo released an update late Tuesday that gave players what they’ve wanted since day one.

On top of the issue of not being able to play with friends, the prospect of playing with three other random people anywhere usually meant at least one players connection was very shoddy. This caused levels to take forever as all the connections had to stabilize to play the level. Usually players would have to wait until the player with the poor connection lagged out to actually play the level properly.

Both of these issues seem to have been fixed with SMM2’s 1.1.0 update.  The game will now check for connection stability from each player before an online match starts. If each player doesn’t reach a certain latency threshold, the match will be cancelled, saving much time for players.

Along with the addition of matchmaking with friends, this update was a desperate necessity to really boost the excitement of Mario Maker 2. While it has already sold extremely well, this can only improve its sales as the biggest problems the game had are beginning to be fixed entirely.

There is also a new wireless LAN mode which lets four Switch consoles in the same room connect to each other via the same LAN connection, instead of using the Switch’s built-in Bluetooth option. This will make local play also more stable. The last major change allows level creators to use touchscreen and controller button options simultaneously. Before the creator had to choose between one or the other.

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