‘Dead By Daylight’ New K-Pop Killer Is Live

Photo: Behavior Interactive

Photo: Behavior Interactive

Dead By Daylight‘s newest chapter, All-Kill, is now live on PC and consoles. Along with several small fixes, All-Kill marks the debut of the Dead By Daylight‘s newest killer, The Trickster, who is a fame-crazed K-Pop star out for blood.

Associate Brand Manager at Behaviour Interactive Thomas Carpentier added a post to the PlayStation Blog detailing what survivors can look forward to in All-Kill.

“The Trickster is a crazed pop-idol named Ji-Woon Hak and his thirst for fan adoration is only surpassed by his desire to kill in the most extravagant possible ways,” Carpentier said. “On and off of the stage, Ji-Woon has a decadent personality and a giant ego. He sees both his music and his murders as high art, even going so far as to mix his victims’ screams into his own tracks.”

Carpentier explains that he and his team went deep, researching Korean pop music and the massively-popular entertainment sphere. Their newest killer is a far cry from the burly, burlap sack-wearing thriller demons that make their home in Dead By Daylight‘s persistent fog. The Trickster is bright and flamboyant. “He wants to be seen and he’s not trying to hide,” said Filip Ivanović, Art Director at Behaviour.

The Trickster has a variety of unique attacks including one called ‘Showstopper’ where players unleash a flurry of knives at a distance to pin down survivors from farther than usually possible. Carpentier even calls The Tricker “the machine gun of Dead By Daylight killers.”

Behaviour worked with several high-profile members of the K-Pop sphere to perfect The Trickster’s look and style. Carpentier details working with “K-Pop star Kevin Woo, famously known from the K-Pop band U-Kiss, and DJ Swivel, a Canadian music producer who has worked with groups such as BTS to make sure we stayed true to the world of K-Pop in everything we created. Even the Chapter’s name is deeply rooted in that universe as it refers to the moment when a song or album simultaneously reaches #1 on all eight K-Pop charts.”

New killers in Dead By Daylight usually call for celebration from long-time fans like myself. Even though I strictly play survivor, queue times for me and my friends slice in the days after a big update. The Trickster is a cool, fun break from the drab, quiet killers of Dead By Daylight history and I can’t wait to see them in the fog; I just hope they don’t see me.

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