Sony ‘Play At Home’ Campaign Makes 10 Games Free To Download On PS4 And PS VR

PlayStation Now (Image: Sony)

PlayStation Now (Image: Sony)

In a post to the official PlayStation Blog last week President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan announced that ten games will be available for free download starting March 25 including massively-popular Horizon Zero Dawn which will also be free for all players starting April 19.

The ten games are Abzu, Enter the Gungeon, The Witness, Subnautica, Moss, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Paper Beast, Thumper, Rez Infinite, and Horizon Zero Dawn which will drop in April.

Ryan explains that the Play at Home campaign “aims to provide the PlayStation community with free games and entertainment offers to make the next few months a little more fun.” With the games listed here, Ryan’s aim is right on target.

Just one of these ten games being free would warrant celebration. From personal experience, Subnautica alone could hold a person captive and captivated for more time than comfortable.

This instant collection of indie, or otherwise classics has no strings attached and no expiration date. Ryan even says at the end of his blog post that, “We’ll have more to share soon. We appreciate the support from the PlayStation community, and hope you enjoy our latest content drop,” and lastly “please stay safe and thanks for playing!”

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