‘Deathloop’ Will Be A PS5 Exclusive Until At Least September 4, 2022

'DeathLoop' Release Date Announced

'DeathLoop' Release Date Announced

In order to present a more immersive experience, Deathloop will launch as a PS5 exclusive. For those wanting to play it on other consoles, Bethesda stated that the game will not be available on other platforms until at least September 4, 2022.

Deathloop is unequivocally one of the most anticipated games this year. Even though the game is not yet released, the thread of puzzle-solving entangled with calculative assassination has caught the attention of many players and reviewers. “The acquisition of knowledge, and understanding what’s happening on Blackreef, and basically, as the trailer says, piecing together the puzzle, that’s the core of the game,” game director Dinga Bakaba says. “One of the ways we like to call this is the murder puzzle. It’s like an inverted Cluedo. You have to make a perfect run, and you will need lots of knowledge and understanding.”

Sony also seems to notice the hype around Deathloop, giving the game a nine-minute walkthrough in the recent State of Play. The presentation also featured Moss: Book II, Arcadegeddon, F.I.S.T., etc.

As previously reported, what makes Deathloop heated with expectation is the infusion of superhuman abilities. In addition to the retro-looking, savage weaponry, players can eliminate the enemies by telekinetically pushing them down the buildings. What’s more, players get to use the short-range teleport, known in the game as Shift, to land in hiding spots or firefight cover. “In Deathloop, you can take a number of weapons with you, and a number of abilities, and you can select them as you unlock them,” Bakaba explains. “So, there is a choice to be made before each mission, in a way.”

The release date is September 14, 2021. You can pre-order here.

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