‘Destiny 2’ Finally Allows Players to Use New Mods Without Purchase of New Gear

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

In the older days of Destiny 2, players had to swap out their old-but-powerful gear if they wanted to use the new gear modifications. This meant that users could potentially pour in hundreds of hours into the game to unlock the gear they want for their character. Now, seasonal gear can be worn now at all times.

In a blog that was posted to Bungie’s website, the production company released many details on their next great update to the game. Bungie squashed more bugs that lead to players losing some of their in-game currency. Players can now change and swap out their armor’s elemental affinity at their own leisure.

Before this update, players of Destiny 2 were required to start over at level 1 with their newly chosen armor. If a player wanted to change the elements involved with the armor, or literally just swap the armor our for something new, this required gamers to lose all of their current progress with no possible way to redeem previous armor suits.

In other news,  click here to watch a video of a Twitch streamer lead a 9 year old kid to the maximum rank in Destiny 2. It’s actually incredibly wholesome, and will be sure to warm your heart.

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