Coronavirus Delays ‘The Outer Worlds’ Release For Nintendo Switch

'The Outer Worlds'

'The Outer Worlds'

Talk about a game-breaking bug. The coronavirus has affected people on all corners of the globe. The company Private Division informed fans of their current status via Twitter.

The Private Divison team’s affected branch is located in Munich, Germany. The coronavirus is active in that city, which granted employees of the team to take time off. In a second Tweet, the company discussed how none of their employees are directly affected. The Twitter page also stated that the company would be working directly with the team, as to create a new timeline for the game to be released.

On Twitter, every users applauded the transparency displayed by the company.

The game is a sci-fi RPG made by Obsidian Entertainment. That should be a familiar name to gamers, as the company co-created the Fallout series. You can see Obsidian’s influence over the game, as the plot line, character features, and even in-game culture are all similar to other Fallout games.

In the game, you are a colonizer to another planet that’s been cyrogenically frozen for over 70 years. Upon being saved, the player must roam around a foreign and fictitious planet, that’s been torn apart by corporations and capitalistic greed. Plus, the planet has retained a 1950’s American culture that makes the planet feel much more alive. Oh yeah, there are also mutated alien creatures that roam the planet too.

The original release date was set for March 6, but now we must await for a new announcement from the company.

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