‘Destiny 2’ Has An Apocalyptic Vibe & It’s Actually Pretty Cool

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

Destiny 2 (Image: Bungie)

After a slow start, it finally seems that Destiny 2 is starting to meet the lofty expectations of fans. As the game prepares for its next expansion, four of its planets and moons will be removed, and things will change immensely.

As The Darkness slowly makes its way to the four places that will meet their demise once the expansion occurs. With this, it gives the game a sort of apocalyptic feeling that has a great visual appeal. 

It seems that the four places that will be removed from the game include the Jovian moon Io, Mars, Titan and Mercury. The removal of these four locations will allow Bungie to tighten some things up and focus on a few areas and put more into them, then trying to juggle significantly more regions.

One of the things that has fans happy the most is that Bungie is sticking to a core story, something the game deviated from for a while. 

Destiny 2’s expansion is set to take place September 22, and it should not come as a surprise as that date approaches, players will get more and more details regarding the event.

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