‘Diablo 4’ Is Out – And Already Has Expansions On Deck

'Diablo 4' (Image: Blizzard)

'Diablo 4' (Image: Blizzard)

Despite its recent release on June 6, Diablo IV already has multiple narrative-centered expansions on the way. This may come as a surprise to some considering past Diablo games only have one expansion each (in order: Hellfire, Lord of Destruction and Reaper of Souls).

It is worth noting that the three-month seasonal content is separated from the announced expansions ahead. Already, Diablo IV’s game developers are hard at work fixing bugs and keeping the game balanced and fun.

“We have to build things in parallel,” said Diablo IV General Manager Rod Fergusson. “We’re finishing up season one, we’re working on season two, we’re working on expansion one, we’re kicking off expansion two – all that’s happening right now.”

With several patches already in place, including an extensive one on June 27 that featured balancing tweaks for all five of the playable classes, gameplay changes and a lengthy list of bug fixes. The title’s developers are certainly smacking the steel while it is hot.

Fergusson also mentioned that there is more that needs to be done and they are treating the title as a live service game. However, he stated that there is a focus on the need to “sustainably” develop games – by that, he means not running the team ragged, while still giving gamers the best experience possible.

Many critics have reacted positively to the release and direction of the game, as well. The worldbuilding and other narrative elements shined as the previous iterations took more of a less advanced, cyclical approach.

Gaming media outlets are speculating on when these expansions will come out, with some saying not until 2024. In either case, Diablo IV fans have a lot to look forward to with two separate schedules of content. It may be a two-hit combo that keeps the players coming back for more than just loot.

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