‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Developer Promises A Different Open-World Approach

'Star Wars Outlaws" (Image: Ubisoft)

'Star Wars Outlaws" (Image: Ubisoft)

Despite Ubisoft Entertainment’s proclivity towards lengthy titles, Creative Director Julian Gerighty wants you to know that Star Wars Outlaws is not an insurmountable game. The universe will be more of a “handcrafted” method to the style of an open-world game.

“It’s a crude analogy, but the size of one planet might be [equivalent to] two of the zones in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey,” Gerighty told Edge magazine. “It could be two to three zones. But it’s not this sort of epic ‘the whole of England recreated’ approach.”



A recent IGN interview at the San Diego Comic-Con 2023 shed more light on what Star Wars Outlaws will be like.

“Our objective is to really get people into a very dense, rich adventure, open world adventure that they can explore at their own rhythm,” Gerighty said. “So it is absolutely not a 200 or 300-hour epic unfinishable RPG. This is a very focused action-adventure RPG that will take people on a ride and is very manageable.”

A focus that includes, for the first time, a fully explorable Tatooine and the chance to betray or join a well-known universe figure in Jabba the Hutt. Not only that but there is a brand-new location called Toshara that was inspired by the eastern African savannah. Players will be given a customizable speeder with which to go explore more of the moon that will be “familiar but fresh.”

“It’s that level of authenticity and care that’s going to make this feel really special,” said Matt Martin, senior creative executive of Lucasfilm. “Especially as an open world game, where you as the player can go explore whatever you want and see whatever you want.”

The “scoundrel story” of Star Wars Outlaws is currently set to come out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC sometime in 2024.

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