‘Diablo 4, Season 4’ Is Delayed To May 14 – Here’s Why

'Diablo 4' (Image: Blizzard)

'Diablo 4' (Image: Blizzard)

Diablo 4, Season 4 release date is getting pushed back nearly a month to May 14.

While players are left with a disappointing season in the meantime, it does leave time to level their battle pass. The expected overhaul includes so much content that Season 4 is getting its own Public Test Realm. Some argue that the changes are so extensive, it might as well be a new game. Their show about the Season was two hours long.

Notably, the overhaul in loot is going to have a big impact on in-game playability and how you build your character. Loot drops will be smaller but more valuable to speed up the process. Rare items now have two affixes, with legendary items holding three. 

The theme is itemization and this Season 4 update will remain in the game moving forward. An important update will be coming to the Codex of Power, which will now have Legendary Aspects and make the best aspect the default.

Fans will now have the ability to perform tempering and masterworking. Tempering is a new crafting system that allows you to add affixes to Legendary Items. Masterworking was also included for use later in the game as a way to update items.

The new season will include some class changes meant to balance out weaker and stronger builds. On top of that, we can expect some playability changes, such as the ability to zoom out the camera a little further.

Considering these and many other much-needed updates included to core gameplay and mechanics, it’s no wonder the delay was necessary. Blizzard is trying to do it right though, announcing that feedback from the PTR is responsible for the delay. This way they can address pertinent concerns that arose there. Let’s hope the delay will be worth it.

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