‘Diablo Immortal’ Angers Fans With Excessive Micro Transactions – Is It Really Pay To Win?

'Diablo Immortal" (Image: Blizzard)

'Diablo Immortal" (Image: Blizzard)

After weeks of beta testing and a successful round of critical reviews, Blizzard finally released their long-awaited RPG Diablo Immortal as part of their Diablo franchise. It enjoyed massive success, becoming one of the more downloaded games after being released on Android and IOS, plus early access on PC after its initial mobile release. The game is free-to-play but the honesty of that claim is now under question – and it’s leaving fans extremely upset. 

The controversy is surrounding Diablo’s micro transactions, and it’s leaving fans wondering if the game is truly being delivered as marketed. According to users the game’s numerous micro transactions, especially on endgame leveling and PvP content is taking away from the over enjoyment and is turning some players off from the game. 

Many are accusing Diablo Immortal of being pay-to-win, and some people have even claimed that it would take $100,o00 or more to fully level up one’s character, a figure that makes the game’s “free” model laughable.

In one instance, a Twitch streamer spent about $4,000 on the game to not receive a single legendary gem. It’s due to this controversy that users are “review bombing” the game on Metacritic. As of today, Diablo Immortal‘s user score is an ugly 0.6, which is one of the lowest scores a game can possibly get. Many people are calling for a complete overhaul of the game’s economy and micro-transactions to make the game more enjoyable for players.

As of now, Blizzard has commented regarding the pay-to-win claims, and it is unclear if there will be any changes to the game’s economy. 

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