‘Disco Elysium The Final Cut’ Is Banned In Australia, But Australians Can Still Buy It On Steam

Disco Elysium (Photo Credit: ZA/UM)

Disco Elysium (Photo Credit: ZA/UM)

While America’s Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) held an iron fist over youngsters trying to convince parents to say to OK on ‘mature’ games, the board exceedingly rarely stops a game from hitting shelves. Australia’s game rating system, the Australian Classification Board (CB), has proven much more litigious.

The CB banned ZA/UM’s white whale magnum opus Disco Elysium from sale to Australians for depictions of drug sales to minors and in-game achievements for keeping yourself high on speed for a majority of the game. In ZA/UM’s defense, the drugs already belongs to Cumo, kid king of the streets, so you’re really just returning his due property. Also, Cumo repeatedly insists that he isn’t a kid, and he’s tough enough that I’m too afraid to disagree. Also, your main detective character is much more effective when he’s hopped up on the good stuff.

The CB, however, saw the drug references as too much for an Australian adult to handle. ZA/UM and online game distributor Steam decided then to dance with fate and release the updated definitive version of Disco Elysium, Disco Elysium The Final Cut on their website even though the base version was already banned from sale.

Final Cut, obviously, is missing the CB’s rating stamp on the Steam page. But as of April 1, Australian Steam users can still pick up ZA/UM’s masterpiece against federal guidance.

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