‘Days Gone’ PS5 Upgrade Ups FPS To Smooth 60

Days Gone (Photo: Sony)

Days Gone (Photo: Sony)

Days Gone from Sony partner Bend Studio answered the eternal question for gamers, “What if I was a down-on-their-luck biker mourning a thought-dead wife in the Oregon wilderness hunting the undead?” And the answer to that ever-bubbling question is “you’d have fun,” and lots of it. Days Gone is a great way to melt away some hours raring your custom motorcycle over the gooey skulls of Oregon’s least lucky zombies, or freakers as the game calls them.

Days Gone had several high-profile updates on the PlayStation 4 that upped the games graphical fidelity, but nothing prepared freelance zombie-slayers for the performance bump Days Gone earned with the next-gen PlayStation 5. The game’s variable frame-rate is now a solid 60 and and sign of texture pop-in is long dead, like the Oregon residents laid to your slaughter in Days Gone.

The PlayStation 5 update for Days Gone, similar to updates from Suckerpunch Studios’s Ghost of Tsushima, shoot the already-acceptable graphics into the “quite good” category and remind players just how much a consistent frame-rate can improve your in-game experience. Coming from me though, a pampered 144 hertz monitored-PC player, 60 frames-per-second is an adage of the ancients! Televisions, however, have much less incentive to invest in higher hertz monitors compared to higher resolution.

Players with a PlayStation 5 and a subscription to PlayStation Plus already have free access to the digital version of Days Gone as well as several other PlayStation 4 classics as a part of the PlayStation Collection, so it’s more than worth your time to step back into the Portland-parallel head-bashing epic Days Gone to see it in full, 60 frames-per-second glory.

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