‘Doom Eternal’ Switch Releases In E-Shop

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal (Bethesda Softworks)

After months of delay, Doom Eternal is finally hit the Nintendo Switch on December 8. Nintendo and Bethesda both unveiled a trailer that showed off the port of the 2020 FPS hit. Much like its predecessor, Doom Eternal will run at a much lower frame rate and resolution on Nintendo’s hybrid console, with the game running around 30 FPS during the trailer. While the game’s resolution wasn’t announced, if it’s anything like Doom 2016 on the Switch, expect it to run at a dynamic resolution around 720p while docked, with 480p while in handheld mode.

Unlike the Switch release of Doom 2016, Doom Eternal will not receive a physical release, with the game launching on the E-shop. With the original game’s digital copy taking up 22 Gig’s of memory on the Switch, be prepared to buy a new micro SD card to play Doom Eternal on Nintendo’s console if you haven’t already gotten one. It’s also unknown if this version of the game will launch with the recently released story DLC, The Ancient Gods – Part One.

Doom Eternal was made available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on March 20, 2020. An updated version for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will arrive sometime in 2021, with owners of the current version receiving it for free.

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