Early Demo Wins Raves For Remastered ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’

'Tony Hawks Pro Skater'

'Tony Hawks Pro Skater'

With Activision’s remake of the beloved Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater right around the corner, the early release demo has been gaining some steam for the game that is supposed to come out on September 4. Polygon wrote a glowing review about the game saying, “This is the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater I remember, and I can play it like I remember, which is everything I wanted from this updated version.” Kuchera said. “The rebuilt and retextured levels I could take or leave, although the updated look modernizes the experience visually to such an extent that it wouldn’t look out of place as a brand-new game in 2020.”

“We dug into Neversoft’s codebase, we were able to pull the handling code out of there, bring it into the engine that we’re in now and update it to make sure that we are making that feel exactly the way you remember it but updated with modern animation,” Vicarious Visions studio head Jen O’Neal said. “It just looks incredibly smooth, and the fidelity is fantastic.”

The original classic came out in 1999, and this remake that has been rumored since it was basically released. With reboots of classic game franchises like Spider-Man and God of War that have been widely successful, it feels like the optimal time for something like this to be coming out.

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