‘Halo Infinite’ Delayed To 2021

Halo Infinite Box Art Teases New Gadgets Ahead Of Xbox Showcase

Halo Infinite

After initially being set to release during “Holiday 2020” along with the new console X Box Series X it was announced on Twitter that Halo: Infinite will be pushed to sometime in 2021. “The decision to shift our release is the result of multiple factors that have contributed to development challenges, including the ongoing COVID-related impacts affecting us all this year,” studio head Chris Lee said. “I want to acknowledge the hard work from our team at 343 Industries, who have remained committed to making a great game and finding solutions to development challenges. However, it is not sustainable for the well-being of our team or the overall success of the game to ship it this holiday.”

This is especially disappointing since 343 Studios also released many pieces of media to generate hype including box art and a nearly nine-minute gameplay demo.

“We know this will be disappointing to many of you and we all share in that sentiment,” Lee’s statement continues. “We wanted nothing more than to play our game with the community this holiday. The extra time will let us finish the critical work necessary to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever at the quality we know our fans expect.”

This likely won’t hamper the eventual success of the game considering the devout following that Halo has cultivated but it could impact the X Box Series X sales since it was likely that the two were going to be released in tandem.

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