Easter Egg For Original Xbox Brought To Light Almost Two Decades Later

Xbox One X

Xbox One X (Microsoft)

A credits easter egg for the original Xbox has surfaced. This secret has managed to stay shrouded since Xbox’s release in 2001. These hidden credits contain a list of the contributors who created the Xbox dashboard. An anonymous developer surmised that no one was going to find this easter egg. As a result of this, he decided to relay the details of it to Kotaku.

Kotaku confirmed that this easter egg actually works. To access this secret feature there are several steps that must be completed. First, click on “music” and insert an audio CD. Once inside the audio CD menu, select “Copy” twice then click “New Soundtrack.” Next, change the original soundtrack title to “Timyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” (with no quotation marks and 26 copies of the letter “y”). After the console finishes ripping the disc, return to the main menu on the dashboard and select “Settings” and then select “System Info”. Upon completion of this step, a never-before-seen listing will appear with four members of the “Xbox Dashboard Team.”

The fact that secrets about the 2001 Xbox are still being uncovered today is somewhat mind blowing. It is also noteworthy that no player could find this feature, but unsurprising given the complicated steps required to access these credits.

Many other easter eggs exist for the original Xbox, such as the “Eggsbox” easter egg. This easter egg requires a similar process, as an audio disk must be renamed “Eggsbox” in order to trigger a credit sequence for the team that worked on every aspect of the Xbox.

According to Seamus Blackley, creator of the Xbox, there is yet another easter egg that has stayed unrevealed. He previously stated that this currently buried secret would be “obvious” when finally uncovered and somehow involves the starting-up animation of the console. Xbox fanatics will absolutely look to unearth this easter egg even though it has remained concealed for almost twenty years.

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