Ed Will Enter The Fray In ‘Street Fighter V’

Ed in Street Fighter V

Ed in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

Capcom is continuing to supply Street Fighter V with new characters, and its latest entrant is returning from the series’ previous generation. Grab your boxing gloves, Ed is entering the fray!


Ed made his debut in Street Fighter IV. Also, he made an additional appearance in Super Street Fighter IV, where he could be seen reaching out to Balrog. He was a boy back then, but his altered genes aged him up at an accelerated rate.

This is Ed’s first time partaking in the action, however. Balrog raised the newcomer, inspiring him to fight as a boxer. Moreover, M. Bison’s genetics are fused into his DNA, which is how he was imparted with similar Psycho Powers. Will Bison’s influence corrupt the young man?

For a look at his moveset, please head over to Capcom’s news post. Street Fighter V’s Season 2 Character Pass costs $29.99. Purchasing it will grant players access to Ed, Akuma, Kolin and the three still-unannounced DLC fighters. (If you’re eager to see the next three combatants, rest assured that they will be announced sometime this year.)

Furthermore, gamers will also obtain several pallet swaps for the cast. Finally, the DLC bundle will contain an exclusive theme for the PlayStation 4.

So, are you excited to adopt Ed? 

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