Everything We Know About ‘Overwatch 2’ New Competitive Mode

'Overwatch 2' (Image: Blizzard)

'Overwatch 2' (Image: Blizzard)

Now we can all get our hands on the highly anticipated sequel to Overwatch.

The first game has cemented itself as part of the multiplayer gaming landscape and, developer, Blizzard is looking for new ways to spice up this new installment.

Improved graphics do not come close to the only added features, including more heroes to choose from, new maps, and all new modes. One returning mode has mustered a lot of hype for the way Blizzard has been innovating upon it.


It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Competitive Play mode is near and dear to the developer’s hearts. Improvements to Competitive Play include a skill-tier list to replace SR in an attempt to clarify player ranking.

Skill-tiers will be broken down into divisions dependent on rank. Each time you reach the top of a division, you’ll automatically enter a new one until you are able to reach the top 500 rankings.

A new Scoreboard will also be available and will showcase new stats to give players time to strategize.

Kills, assists, and deaths will now be available for everyone on your team to see.

Blizzard has considered balancing issues more than ever. Matchmaking will adjust to how much time a player spends in the game, as well as their ranking.

On Blizzard’s site, they explain that this idea was brought up after they considered gamers that may take hiatuses from their games once in a while.

Requirements for the core mode have been made to help with player skill. New players will have to play a “First Time User Experience.” All players will have to win at least 50 quick-play games.

Statistics are now more accessible than ever and include a wider array of accomplishments, failures, wins and losses. Game reports in Competitive Play will be available in a player’s Career Profile and will show details on how much each hero is used, and breakdowns of each game played.

Overwatch 2 releases today.


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