‘Evil Dead: The Game’ Will Arrive On Friday The 13th Next Month

'Evil Dead: The Game'

'Evil Dead: The Game'

Evil Dead: The Game is set to be released on the ominous Friday the 13th date next month.

The newest video game installment will be the first since 2005’s Evil Dead: Regeneration

The game follows protagonist Ash Williams as he shoots and chainsaws his way out of trouble. In a twist, there are four different versions of Ash to choose from, based on different eras from the long-running series. Each one will have a different skillset, making it important to choose the right one based on the scenario. The multiplayer game will feature four players as survivors. Another player will act as the antagonist, using demonic forces to stop the survivors. That’s not the only threat though, survivors can at any point turn on their teammates by way of demon possession, so trust is difficult to come by in this game.

The survivors must seek out weapons and fight monsters on their way to find missing pieces of the Necronomicon to defeat the “Dark Ones.”

Watch the final preview in the video below.

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