‘Fifa 20’: Tips On How To Win More Games In The Weekend League


FIFA 20 (EA)

If you’re wondering how to win more games in the Weekend League, here are some tips for better rewards. Beating someone on Fifa 20 Ultimate Team requires luck, knowledge, and precautions. Start by always adding squad fitness cards to your team before every two matches. This prevents your players from being fatigued on the pitch. If it’s late in the game and the score is tied, you may have the upper hand by having a team with more fitness than your opponent.

Be unpredictable and always change up your gameplay. If you are always using the skill move, try changing it up and instead be more direct. If you are always playing counter attacks, try a possession game. This may be the key to winning games for you. Your opponent won’t know to predict your next move. 

In Fifa 20, the best strategy to use is possession. In previous Fifa games, counter attacks and first-time shots were highly effective. In this game, maintaining possession and controlling the game is clearly the best tactic. 

If you are losing, take a break. Sometimes when you start losing, you become aggravated and impatient. This will cause you to lose more games than need be. Instead take a break and do something else. The key to winning games in Fifa 20 is patience. 

The new patch release by EA Sports is boosting the effectiveness of the near-post shot. Take advantage of this opportunity before players against you catch on to this addition. Don’t be afraid to tweak your game in order to fit the meta of this Fifa because your opponents will.

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