Nintendo Switch Deals & Major Releases This Black Friday

Nintendo Switch logo

Nintendo Switch logo

This is the Nintendo Switch’s third year since it’s release and there has been nothing less than success for the company who seeks to take advantage of this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a way of getting consumers the new Switch exclusives such as the new portable-only Switch Lite as well as the newly updated Switch with a superior battery life. With Black Friday coming up there hasn’t been a better time this year to shop for a Switch, Nintendo games or accessories. 

Kohl is offering a bundle with the new updated Nintendo Switch with a carrying case charging dock, and $90 worth of Kohl’s cash for only $320. If you were already considering buying the bundle now you’ll have an extra $90 to spend on gifts for family, friends or even yourself. 

If your planning on playing multiplayer Switch games at a holiday party this season, Amazon, Target and Best Buy are having great deals on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. There’s nothing better than beating that friend or family member who thinks they’re the best at everything in a fun Nintendo game. Now, with the discounted Joy-Con controllers you can save $20 and purchase these controllers that come in gray or neon red/neon blue. 

Nintendo has made the game Pokemon: Let’s Go as realistic as possible by releasing the Poke Ball Plus, which can be used as a controller. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Poke Ball can be used to hold one of the Pokemon companions you’ve captured. The Poke Ball is much cheaper now and can be purchased for $20 instead of the original $50. You can buy the Poke Ball at its discounted price at all major stores this Black Friday. 


If you live in the United States it’s starting to get very cold outside and soon snow will be upon us. Mario Tennis Aces brings the tennis court inside your home. With Swing Mode, you’ll now be able to have the most fun while also being physically active. Don’t swing too hard however, or else you’ll have to put a new television on your shopping list as well. Mario Tennis Aces will be sold for $40 at all major retail stores and at Target you can purchase the game exclusively for $30 this Black Friday.

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