‘Final Fantasy’ Fans Are In Suspense As An Alternative Story Is Being Displayed In ‘Final Fantasy VII’s’ Remake Trilogy

Final Fantasy XIV (Image courtesy of Squared Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV (Image courtesy of Squared Enix)

Released on February 29, the second part of the remake of the seventh game of the universally beloved JRPG franchise, Final Fantasy, was released with high interest from fans regarding the narrative changes that the game will bring in the 2020s. Although many feel that the ending of this part, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, was confusing with the multitudes of broken timelines, the creators are confident in their ability to wrap things up nicely by the end of the new trilogy.

One of the main questions that fans have been wondering going into the second part of the game was how it would portray the fate of the beloved character, Aerith, who in the original 1997 title had a pivotal role in one of the most shocking narrative twists in gaming history.

The game’s director, Naoki Hamaguchi, has stated in a few interviews that his team will be taking great care of this scene as it is a historical moment in both gaming and the Final Fantasy franchise.

No worries, this article will not reveal anything from the game’s plot, however, fans are noting a wide array of possibilities with this entry’s ending in terms of the character’s role in the upcoming third game of the trilogy. However, some fans have expressed some disappointment regarding the treatment of the famous event depicted in the new game.

The first part of the remake, Final Fantasy VII Remake, was launched in 2020 to overwhelming praise from both fans of the franchise and reviewers. Winning awards in the 2020 Game Awards and the 2021 Japan Game Awards, the second part is expected to receive similar fanfare. Some fans dislike the high-definition rendering of the 3D models of the new game, however, the mission set by the game’s directors, HamaguchiMotomu Toriyama, and Tetsuya Nomura, is to make the game match the current visual standards of AAA franchises.

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