The Legacy Of ‘Attack On Titan’ Lives On In Fan Tributes Within ‘Palworld’

'Palworld' (Image: Pocketpair Inc)

'Palworld' (Image: Pocketpair Inc)

In April 2021, the beloved manga that had turned into a worldwide sensation, Attack on Titan, concluded after a 12-year run of serialization. The original work by manga artist, Hajime Isayama, had been adapted into an anime series that received similar high praise and after its final season aired its final “movie episode” in 2023 fans have been craving for more content.

Two users on Reddit, u/Commercial_Neck8986, and u/TryAgainBestie, have taken their fandom to the next level by recreating locations from the franchise in Pocket Pair’s smash-hit survival game, Palworld.

After its release in January, several fan creations based on the game’s crafting and building systems have been published on social media with the work of these Redditors being some of the many that have been circulating.

On a Reddit post published almost three weeks ago, /u/Commercial_Neck8986 showcased a city they had created named “Palcity” that looks strikingly similar to Paradis Island from Isayama‘s titan-infested world. On the title of the post, they had clarified that it had been made without using mods with commenters praising the creator for using the base building materials to create a whole city.

Around the same time, another Reddit user, u/TryAgainBestie, had published an image of their own recreation of the Shiganshina District from Attack on Titan. It appears that they have also not used mods for their base with the creator only being Level 29 in the game at the time of posting. The user was also met with similar praise from the r/Palworld community in their post’s comments.

Palworld has been met with worldwide praise and controversy after its release, in part due to the game’s similar monster designs to Pokémon.

On January 24, the Pokémon Company had indirectly mentioned the game in their statement regarding an investigation being conducted by their legal team regarding plagiarism. Many fans of both franchises are waiting for the results of the investigation by the company as Palworld‘s popularity in the creature-catching genre continues to rise.

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