First Major ‘Yooka-Laylee’ Patch Detailed, Nintendo Switch Version Nearing “Testing Phase”


Yooka-Laylee (Playtonic Games)

Yooka-Laylee launched over a month ago and players have collected the many in-game valuables since. Thankfully, developer Playtonic Games have heard the criticisms concerning their debut title, and they’ve posted the contents of the upcoming patch on their website. For your convenience, the list has been posted below.


  • Brand new pause menu music
  • New optional camera mode with minimal assist
  • Pagies have added signposts to Hivory Towers to help guide players to new worlds
  • Design tweaks to all arcade games
  • Speed improvement to scrolling through Totals Menu
  • New option for shorter ‘gibberish’ voice sound FX
  • New speech volume option
  • New ability to speed through dialogue by holding Y
  • Cut-scenes can now be skipped with Y
  • New moves section added to pause menu, with image guide
  • Camera design improvements throughout game (less scripted cameras, door cams now appear behind player etc)
  • Restart option added in the pause menu during arcade games and Kartos challenges
  • ‘Sonar-able’ objects now have more clear visual identity
  • Laser move no longer requires player to crouch
  • Minecart control improvements and new visual effects
  • Transformation control improvements
  • Improved first-person aiming controls
  • New first-person aiming control options added
  • Improved flying controls
  • When transformed, collecting butterflies now restores energy
  • Hunter tonic now tracks the last 30 Quills and Casino Tokens, in addition to the Health and Power Extenders. It will also whistle at the location of the closest rare collectable.
  • Health UI is now always visible when low
  • Design tweaks in various areas (Black Hole in One, Gloomy Gem Grotto etc)
  • New icons added for keyboard/mouse controls
  • Improved Rampo boss fight
  • Added PC Display Settings to the in-game pause menu
  • Performance improvements
  • Audio improvements

Ultimately, this seems like it should improve the game! PC owners will receive the patch later this month while those who favor Sony’s or Microsoft’s consoles will obtain it afterwards.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is progressing too, although a firm release date for it still eludes us.

I actually just beat Yooka-Laylee yesterday. Unfortunately, these improvements will not be reflected in my upcoming review, but I’m happy to see Playtonic continuing to improve their mascot platformer.

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