Flyers Invade ‘Apex Legends’ – Possible Season 2 Hint?

Apex Legends - Flyers Season 2 Tease

Apex Legends - Flyers Season 2 Tease (EA/Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends has been invaded by Flyers, the first neutral creatures to soar across its skies. Currently, they’re docile beasts, but a tweet from the official Apex Legends Twitter implies they may grow more hostile as time advances. If what can be parsed from the GIF is accurate, the Flyers will attack five areas on the map, all detonated by red marks. The corresponding text reads “ALERT” and adds how there has been an unauthorized breach in security, suggesting danger looms.

Currently, several Flyers spawn in each round of Apex and they’re all relatively apathetic to the action. Players can use the Pathfinder tool to grapple from the Flyers, something that doesn’t seem to aggravate them. Presently, players can destroy the animals for loot.

But if precedent is anything to go by – Octane’s jump pads began appearing prior to his introduction at the start of Season 1 – then Respawn Entertainment has something planned for the airborne animals’ intrusion. Respawn also featured a possible tease for the next season towards the end of its EA Play 2019 livestream, which featured a giant colossus flying alongside a pack of Flyers.

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