‘Fornite’ Season 9 Battle Pass Introduces Fortbytes


Fortnite (Epic Games)

The Week 6 challenges are here for all Fortnite platforms for the Season 9 Battle Pass users. Like other weeks, there are seven challenges that are given to finish the week’s challenges. Along with that, there is a hidden item that is spawned into the game. Once you complete all the week’s challenges, the game will lead you to a secret location for another Fortbyte.

For Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile, all of these challenges are accessible and beatable throughout any one. Each of the challenges you complete in the Season 9 Battle Pass will rack and you can obtain a special loading screen that will give you clues for the secret item. These battle stars challenges have been in the game for some time, but the Fortbytes are new in Season 9, which is a new collectible that will tease something secret about the next up and coming season. For the normal challenges, when you complete them you will earn Battle Stars that will help you level up to the next tier in your Battle Pass.

For the new Fortbytes that came this season, they each represent a larger picture that will hint at a new sneak peek of the supposed Season 10. There are 100 total Fortbytes that are coming in Season 9. The new clue for this week’s Fortbyte will lead you to the new Neo Tilted area of the map. Once there, go to the clock tower rooftop and you will find the new Fortbyte that was recently released.

Along with the new collectibles, Fortnite recently announced a new item that will be coming into the game on Tuesday. There will be a download that will be needed if you are on console.


Along with these new additions, there is a new limited-time game mode called Horde Rush. Horde Rush has players team up in a group in a PvE style battle. There are rewards in the new LTM, including a new loading screen and a new weapon skin that contains the “Fiends” you fight out within the Horde Rush mode.

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