Got The Fever Or Chills? ‘Dr. Mario World’ Will Cure You Next Month

Dr. Mario in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure

Dr. Mario in Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (Image: Nintendo)

The Dr. Mario series is a perennial fixture in Nintendo’s lineup, gracing most of their platforms since its introduction in 1990. Mario’s medical alter ego is even a recurring combatant in the Super Smash Bros. crossover series, fighting against other gaming icons. However, his next house call will occur in Dr. Mario World, a smartphone title launching next month.

As with prior entries, you’ll control and maneuver color-coded Megavitamin capsules in Dr. Mario World that’ll destroy their accompanying Viruses. Unlike those earlier installments, however, the pills will rise from the bottom of the screen and you’re given a finite amount of them at the onset of a stage. There will be over 200 levels to clear in the story mode, with more coming later through updates. And as to be expected, a multiplayer component will also be included.

Continuing and expanding upon precedents set by 2015’s Miracle Cure, World will feature a roster of familiar Mario faces, all of whom are now sporting medical attire and PhD’s. Currently, Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, Dr. Toad, and Dr. Yoshi have all been confirmed for the lineup. Each practitioner will also feature their own special ability for use during gameplay. (Personally, I hope Wario‘s admitted into the roster.)

Dr. Mario World is now available for preregistering, and it will arrive on July 10 for iOS and Android devices. It will be free to download, but will sport in-app purchases. As with other mobile titles such as Pokémon Shuffle, there will be a stamina meter. Once your hearts are depleted, you’ll be unable to play a stage until it automatically refills or you purchase diamonds to refill it instantly. In-game items will also be available to buy.

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