Fortnite Honors DC Comics With ‘Harley Quinn’ Skin

Fortnite Honors DC Comics With 'Harley Quinn' Skin

Fortnite Honors DC Comics With 'Harley Quinn' Skin

Epic Game’s most iconic game Fortnite is no stranger to releasing new skins and DLC content for its fans. Now, they have partnered up with DC to promote their newest movie, Birds of Prey. Fortnite has released not one, but two Harley Quinn skins for Fortnite users to purchase.

Harley Quinn’s addition into the game is not the first for Fortnite users. There have been a total of three character releases, which includes Batman and Catwoman. Epic Games knows that their player base skews male, and especially males under the age of 18. Since this is the case, female skins have actually been more popular than their male counterparts.


Even for older fans of Fortnite, such as Los Angeles Charger’s Keenan Allen, have taken to Twitter to praise this new skin.

Outside of DC characters, Fortnite has also worked with Marvel. During the Avengers: Endgame, players were able to play with Thanos’ infinity gauntlet. It wasn’t in the game long though, because his gauntlet was way too powerful. The game also partnered up with the film John Wick 3, and successfully introduced Keanu Reeves to a new generation of fans.

The film Birds of Prey was released on February 7 and stars Margot Robbie, whom the skin is designed after. The movie takes places directly after Harley Quinn and The Joker break up. After that, Quinn tags along with three other crime-fighting women – including The Huntress and Black Canary – to fight the bad guy, Roman Sionis.

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