Vote For Your Favorite Pokémon On Google

Vote For Your Favorite Pokémon On Google's Homepage

Vote For Your Favorite Pokémon On Google's Homepage

In life, there are many questions with seemingly no correct answer. Coke or Pepsi? Who is the GOAT of the NBA? Android or iPhone? Perhaps the toughest question of them all though, might just be figuring out which Pokémon is the best.

Pokemon will be turning 35 years old on the February 27. Now, two iconic brands of Pokémon and Google are going to decide the winner of the contest for the year.

Voting is made easy with Google’s software, but the rules of the voting can be a bit tricky. Users are allowed to vote on just one Pokémon, for each region of Pokémon that we’ve experienced thus far. Fans can cast one vote in each region everyday, until the February 14, when the great winner will be announced. Also, Pokémon in the same evolutionary chain will be counted as one, singular Pokémon.

Some fans have already been campaigning across Twitter, to try and rally other users to vote for their favorite Pokémon. From what I’ve seen, many people are pulling for Kanto region Pokémon, which are the ones found in the original GameBoy game.

My favorite Pokémon? I’ll be voting for Snorlax. He is my spirit animal in many ways, and I strive to take as many naps as he does.

Vote for your favorite Pokémon, here!

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