‘Fortnite’ Neo Versa PS4 Bundle Information, Season 10’s Starting Soon


Fortnite (Epic Games)

Sony Entertainment has just announced its exclusive Fortnite bundle that comes with unique cosmetic items. For the PS4, they are releasing a Neo Versa bundle that will include a 500 GB PlayStation 4 with a jet-black color scheme, the cosmetic set, 2,000 V-Bucks at your disposal, and a new controller.

The Neo Versa cosmetic set contains the skin, its matching back-bling and a glider.

According to Fortnite Intel, the PS4 Neo Versa set does not have a set date for the US, but it will be released on July 24 in Europe, July 26 in the UK and July 10 in Australia. There won’t be just one bundle deal, but Sony is set to release five different choices within the Neo Versa set. There will be different inclusions within each bundle, but the Neo Versa skin combo will be available in every option, as well as a new PS4. Other variants of the bundle include different amount of controllers and different amounts of save storage available on the PS4.

As Fortnite’s Season 9 dwindles down, it is time to look ahead to what we may see in the new Season 10. It doesn’t have a confirmed start date yet, but the last week of Season 9 begins on July 11. Meaning that Season 10 can start as early as July 18, but there are usually a few buffer days between seasons for fans to properly reset before the grind can start again. Expect the new season to come around sometime between late July and early August.

We know Epic Games is building some sort of massive robot in the map, which will most likely inhabit the map and influence what is coming in terms of changes.

The new Season 10 will cost the usual 950 V-Bucks, like the other Season Battle Passes, which roughly rounds just under $10. You can also buy the battle bundle, which is 2800 V-Bucks, just under $30. With this bundle, you will get a head start against your competitors in terms of leveling up, as you start with 25 levels already unlocked.

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